The Praadis International School

Praadis International School is an 100% online international school which provides school education from class K - 12 to students all over the world. The school's online platform is easy to use and easily accessible in any part of the world. The online classes schedule is regular and orderly which is supported by a vast library of recorded lectures from Praadis.

We support adequate and ample student - teacher interaction for development of trust between them. This is why we keep the number of students per class limited. Online classes of Praadis International School are attended by students of different geographical regions and culture which makes studying in PIS classes even more awesome. We also provide career counselling to students so that they can move in the proper direction in their respective careers.

Praadis International School provides student support and parent support. Praadis school's management will provide quick resolution to any query, complaint or doubt of parents in minimum time. We also have a dedicated team to provide resolution of any technical or non-technical matters of students. We also provide "Student Analytics" service which allows parents to keep track of the direction and progress of their children's studies

Praadis International School is certified and accredited to world renowned agency COGNIA. Our syllabus is made by combining syllabus of all major educational boards in the world. This curriculum has been vetted by several academicians from school and college level and also by several industry professionals. They all agree that our syllabus achieves both traditional standards and requirements of the new world.

Praadis International School teaches many extracurricular activities along with the main syllabus. This is done to ensure that learning through PIS remains wholesome. PIS lectures itself are always fun, engaging for students, also, students of PIS get sufficient extra time to pursue hobbies or extracurricular activities of their choice. These things ensure that studying from PIS never becomes lumbersome