The Praadis International School Accreditation

The Praadis International School is recognized by "COGNIA". It is the largest and the most prestigious consortium of accredited schools in the world, with 3 US Regional Accreditors, NCA CASI, SACS CASI & NWAC as its accrediting arms and a strong presence across 40,000 plus schools of quality in 85 countries, thus touching the lives of millions of educators and learners.

It is important for any educational institution, whether it is a school or college or university, to be accredited or affiliated to a proper agency, board, etc. It ensures that the school or college maintains a proper level of teaching as per the current standards. Accreditation also ensures that the educational institution is on a path of continuous and comprehensive improvement.

A school gets Cognia accreditation only after meeting five broad standards. These five standards are -

A school can also judge itself on 4 basic levels -
1) Not evident
2) Emerging
3) Operational
4) Highly functional

Schools are generally expected to achieve Operational status before actually commencing school. The Highly Functional rating is for aspects that are truly extraordinary.

Praadis International School has adequately fulfilled all requirements set forth by "COGNIA", as a result, the school got its accreditation.