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The Praadis International School

THE PRAADIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is an online school of global standards for students across the globe. We are a fully fledged 100% online school. We provide 24/7 access to school study material from anywhere in the world. Our online classes are made up of culturally diverse group of students. This furthers enhances the understanding of the world by our students. Our platform also offers online extra-curricular activities and we also provide academic/career counselling. PRAADIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is also divided into three groups of kindergarten, primary and middle school.


The Praadis International ACCREDITATION

We are approved by a big and important group called Cognia. They're the largest group that says if schools are good or not. Cognia has three groups in the US that check schools: NCA CASI, SACS CASI, and NWAC. Cognia is in charge of 40,000 schools in 85 countries. This means a lot of teachers and students around the world follow what Cognia says to make sure they're doing a good job.

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The Praadis International:OUR STRENGTH

Outstanding curriculum
Uniquely designed curriculum made by combining content and structure of syllabus of highest-ranking educational boards around the world
Certified teachers
Uniquely qualified teachers, trained specifically to manage online classes and handle culturally diverse group of students from around the world
Small class sizes
We aim at keeping our online class size low so that teacher could spend proper amount of time and focus on each student.
Self-paced learning
Students can learn the subjects and classes at their own pace through the online study material.
Interesting elective courses
Students can pick elective courses of their choice from a wide range.
Culturally diverse classes
PRAADIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL attracts students from different corners of the world which makes studying in online class even more educational.
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The Praadis International School

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The Praadis International School

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The Praadis International School FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

PRAADIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL offers global standard online school education at reasonable price.

PRAADIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is recognized globally by relevant institutions.

Yes, PRAADIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is based in India and has its headquarters here, but it serves internationally to students all over the world.

Students can take up class tests at a time of their convenience and after passing that online test, they are awarded certificate of passing and are promoted to the next higher grade.

Students are taught extra-curricular activities online with sufficient detailing so that it doesn't lack by any standard compared to a physical class.

No additional homework or projects or assignments is given to students but rather only what,s required to make them properly acquaint themselves with a topic or a chapter.